‘$999 is a ‘value price’ for iPhone X’ Says Tim Cook


Apple’s iPhone X, which was launched on September 12 during the 10th anniversary of Apple will be available fromNov. 3. The newly launched iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch screen that nearly covers its face and no physical home button.

A new facial-recognition feature called Face ID can verify the users’ identities and their purchases via Apple Pay. The device is also compatible with wireless charging, eliminating the need to plug the phone in to charge its battery.

In addition to the base $999 iPhone X, Apple is selling a 256GB version for $1,149. That makes the iPhone X the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever sold. In India the starting price of Rs 89,000 too makes it the most expensive an the 256 G is priced at Rs 1,02,000.

While commenting on a user submitted question on US television show Good Morning America, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded by saying that the iPhone X’s $999 cost was a “value price” for the technology it offers, according to The Verge.